Lost Coast


Ascent to The Sierras

   Young People's Symphony Orchestra

   David Ramadanoff, conductor

Ascent to the Sierras.mp3

Monterey Suite

   The Young People's Symphony Orchestra (Mvts. 1–3, 5)

   The Master Sinfonia Chamber Orchestra (Mvt. 4)

   David Ramadanoff, conductor

1. Overture: The Peninsula — 2. The Path of History

Monterey Suite Mvts. 1–2.mp3

3. The Aquarium

Monterey Suite (Mvt. 3).mp3

4. Steinbeck Country

Monterey Suite (Mvt. 4).mp3

5. Marine Safari and Whale Watch

Monterey Suite (Mvt. 5).mp3

Lost Coast

   The Mission Chamber Orchestra of San Jose

   Emily Ray, conductor

Lost Coast.mp3



   The Salastina Music Society

1. Andante Tranquillo

Nemeton (Mvt. 1).mp3

11. Vivo

Nemeton (Mvt. 2).mp3

Capriccio Concertante

   The Salastina Music Society

1. Allegro energico

Capriccio Concertante (Mvt. 1).mp3

11. Variations

Capriccio Concertante (Mvt. 2).mp3

Trio for Harp, Flute, and Viola

   The Myriad Trio

1. Con moto ma tranquillo

Harp Trio (Mvt. 1).mp3

11. Andante pastorale

Harp Trio (Mvt. 2).mp3

111. Allegro con brio

Harp Trio (Mvt. 3).mp3

The Nightly Shades

   The Salastina Music Society

The Nightly Shades.mp3

Sonata for Violin and Viola

   Kevin Kumar, violin

   Dale Hikawa Silverman, viola

1. Allegro ma non troppo

Sonata for Violin and Viola (Mvt. 1).mp3

11. Lento sognando

Sonata for Violin and Viola (Mvt. 2).mp3

111. Vivace

Sonata for Violin and Viola (Mvt. 3).mp3

March and Divertimento

   Kevin Kumar, violin

   Jeremy Cavaterra, piano

March and Divertimento.mp3

Arctic Autumn

   Kevin Kumar, violin

   Maia Jasper-White, violin

Arctic Autumn.mp3


Six Character Pieces

   Gustavo Díaz-Jerez, piano

1. Prelude

1. Prelude.mp3

2. March

2. March.mp3

3. Étude

3. Etude.mp3

4. Lullaby

4. Lullaby.mp3

5. Scherzetto

5. Scherzetto.mp3

6. Rondo

6. Rondo.mp3


   Steven Vanhauwaert, magnetic resonator piano



Three Neruda Arias

   Elizabeth Futral, soprano

   The Salastina Music Society

1. Ausencia de Joaquín

Three Neruda Arias (1. Ausencia de Joaquín).mp3

2. Pájaro

Three Neruda Arias (2. Pájaro).mp3

3. Aquí

Three Neruda Arias (3. Aquí).mp3

Rossetti Songs

   Rod Gilfry, baritone

   The Salastina Music Society

1. Requiem

Rossetti Songs 1.mp3

2. Uphill

Rossetti Songs 2.mp3

3. Another Spring

Rossetti Songs 3.mp3